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Obtaining the European doctorate label

by Christine Bigot - 1 March 2016 ( maj : 15 December 2016 )

Known as the “European Doctorate”, “European PhD” or “Doctor Europaeus”, the European doctorate label adds a European dimension to the doctorate degree.

  • Conditions required to obtain the European doctorate label:
    • The Doctorate must be prepared with a residence of at least one semester in another country of the European Union.
    • A part of the doctoral thesis defence must be conducted in a language of the European Union other than the national language(s) of the country where the doctorate is defended.
    • The defense authorization is granted following the submission of reports written by at least two professors (or equivalent) from Higher Education Institutions from different European countries, other than that (or those in case of a joint PhD program) in which the PhD has been prepared.
    • At least one member of the committee belongs to a Higher Education Institution from a European Union country distinct from that where the defense is being held.
  • Application: Fill out the European Label application form (download here) and include it with your thesis defence application.