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Les formations hors Grenoble et les écoles d’été en 2016/2017

16 septembre 2016 ( maj : 24 avril 2017 ), par Christine Bigot

Les formations hors Grenoble

Les Ecoles d’été en 2017

  • 25th session of ERCA - 11 Jan.- 9 Febr. 2017
    European Research Course on Atmospheres
    ERCA is a high level international course on the Physics and Chemistry of atmospheres, the climate system and climate change, atmospheric pollution at different scales and the human dimensions of environmental changes. The course also covers other planets, satellites and objects of the solar system and beyond. During 5 weeks, lectures, visits of institutes, and practicals at the astronomical observatory of Haute-Provence are organized. More informations here
    15/05/2016 | Application starts
    25/09/2016 | Application ends
    11/01/2017 | Session starts
    09/02/2017 | Session ends
  • 10th Annual Short Course “Fluids in the Earth”, organized by the University of Naples Federico II and the PhD Course in “Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences” of the University of Milan Bicocca, will be held in Naples (Italy) from October 24th to October 29th, 2016, at the Department of Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences (DiSTAR), University of Naples Federico II.
    Lectures will be given by Robert J. Bodnar (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, USA), Leonid V. Danyushevsky (Tasmania University, Hobart, Australia), Maria Luce Frezzotti (University of Milan Bicocca, Italy), Benedetto De Vivo (University of Naples Federico II, Italy) and James D. Webster (American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA).
    No registration fees required. Attendees will only be charged for the field trip transportation costs (optional - about 15 €).
    Students interested in applying for the Short Course should send an email to Carla Tiraboschi (carla.tiraboschi by Sept 20th, 2016.
    The program of the Short Course can be found at :
  • 1-3 ECORD Training Course 2017, 6 March - 10 March 2017
    As host to one of only three IODP core repositories in the world – the only one in Europe – the MARUM in Bremen is an important hub for marine geoscientists. Taking advantage of this setting, the new ECORD Training Course will provide a “Virtual Drillship Experience” for scientists from academia and industry. This one-week course offers a basic training focusing on the IODP core flow procedures, preparing the participants for sailing in an offshore drillship expedition, and instilling them with an appreciation for high standards in all kinds of coring projects. IODP-style lab exercises will form the foundation of the ECORD Training Course following the pattern of the unique “Virtual Ship” approach developed for the Bremen ECORD Summer Schools.
    MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences and the IODP Bremen Core Repository (BCR), University of Bremen, Germany.
    Information and registration :
  • 2nd WCRP Summer School on Climate Model Development "Scale aware parameterization for representing sub-grid scale processes".
    at CPTEC - INPE, Brazil, on 17-28 July 2017
    On-line application will open on 15 January with deadline 16 February 2017.
    More details can be found at
  • 3rd edition of the summer school "Water and Society : A space-time framework for integrated studies",
    organized by the University of Grenoble- France, that will take place in Prè du Lac, St Jorioz (nearby Annecy) France from July 2 to 8, 2017.
    This interdisciplinary and international summer school will bring together early and mid career scientists, PhD students and practitioners from both social and physical sciences together, in order to develop a new integrated approach based on the scaling issue.
    More information :
    For a pre-application send to waterandsociety your CV and a motivation letter before March 8, 2017
  • Ph.D. course in “Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences” of the University of Milan Bicocca announce the :
    International Ph.D. school “Carbon forms paths and processes in the Earth”, to be held in Como (Italy) at Villa del Grumello from October 15th to October 20th, 2017.
    The school will present the state of the art of research studying the forms, the paths and the processes of Carbon in the Earth, in order to address the long-term fate of Carbon on the planet. The School will consist of a series of invited lectures, practical sessions on cutting-edge techniques, and contributions from participants.
    Lectures will be given by Patrick Allard (IPGP Paris, France), Robert J. Bodnar (Virginia Tech, USA), Marcello Campione (University Milan Bicocca, Italy), Giovanni Chiodini (INGV Bologna, Italy), Carlo Doglioni (University Rome1, Italy), Maria Luce Frezzotti (University Milan Bicocca, Italy), Brian Horsfield (University Jena, Germany), Falko Langenhorst (University Jena, Germany), Nadia Malaspina (University Milan Bicocca, Italy), Craig E. Manning (UCLA, USA), Stefano Poli (University Milan, Italy), Vincenzo Stagno (University Rome1, Italy), Dimitri Sverjensky (Johns Hopkins University, USA), Simone Tumiati (University Milan, Italy).
    Ph.D. students, Post-Docs, and young researchers involved in activities related to carbon science are invited to apply by June 15th 2017 sending an e-mail to Carla Tiraboschi (carla.tiraboschi with Name, Family Name, Institution and the topic of their own research (title of the poster or PhD project). All successful applicants are encouraged to present a poster at the School.
    For more information about the school please visit